Our mission is to help Canadians with debt using an objective and transparent approach to debt solutions.

Counsellors.Org, formerly known as Alberta Credit Counsellors, is based in Alberta and serves all Canadians. Our senior BIA-certified insolvency counsellors have worked with clients struggling with debt for 13 years. In 2011, we changed our business model to a free consumer service. We wanted to distinguish ourselves from other credit counselling agencies and their practices.

We are different:

We are donation funded so we aren’t influenced by creditors and don’t take payments from them. We don’t have directors that work for banks, credit card companies or lenders so we aren’t influenced by directors that also work for lenders.

We are affordable. Most of our services are free like referrals, consultations, negotiation tips and budget advice. Our negotiation fees are flat rates, regardless of the amount you owe.

We don’t work for your creditors. We work exclusively for you. We aren’t licensed debt collectors because we don’t hold your money and wait for your creditors to accept a deal. We aren’t a third party between you and lenders. We don’t offer programs designed by lenders.

We don’t pretend to have a government program outside of the bankruptcy and insolvency act because there are none. There are programs initiated by government agencies that have since been offered exclusively by NGOs, but the programs overwhelmingly favour the creditors.